Packet Switching

Firstly, what is a packet?

When data is transmitted, it is split up into smaller chunks called packets. Each packet will contain 3 things, these are:

  1. The source address of the packet.
  2. The destination address.
  3. The data itself .

Packet Switching

Packet switching is the method of how the internet works. It is a method of data transfer, in which data is broken down into packets and then reassembled at its destination. Each packet will move from router to router accross a network until it reaches its destination, always taking the optimum route.

The Steps a Packet Takes (in short):

  1. Data is split into chunks (packets).
  2. Each packet has a to and from address and data.
  3. The order of packets is noted.
  4. Packets sent onto the network move between routers, taking an optimum route.
  5. Once packets reach there destination they are re-ordered.
  6. The recipitent will send a confirmation message.
  7. If a confirmation message is not recieved the data will be sent again.

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